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“As an investment company , we apply our entrepreneurial expertise in pursuit of significant returns and long term value.” - Hiamovi Clifford

Reannex Investment is a privately-held international financial company headquartered in USA. Established in 2013, Reannex has managed in just a few short years to become one of world top leading financial company specializing in Forex and CFD trading offering competitive partnership options. Reannex Investment is a dedicated team of investment professionals that provide comprehensive advice, investment analysis, and asset management services. The team's expertise and track record includes acquisition and disposal of assets, portfolio and asset management, and project and development management, of commercial, residential and industrial property globally. Reannex Investment Company is headed by the group Chief Investment Officer, who has 30 years of investment management experience. They advise clients in managing their equities, fixed interest and other global marketable securities portfolios on either a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, and provide clients with consolidated reporting.

Our approach is to think and behave as responsible long term patient investors. we concern ourselves with making forecasts or comments on economic trends and share price movements over any period of time. The aim is to ensure that the investing power of our client’s wealth at least keeps pace with inflation over a long term time horizon.

The team partners with high-growth businesses and works alongside management to help build successful, profitable companies with lasting significance. Our team benefits from diverse backgrounds across consultancy, mid-market investment banking and CEO experience combined with seasoned operations and transaction experience.

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At Reannex investments, we support you throughout your investment journey, featuring multilingual helpdesks on a 24/5 basis, personal account managers, complimentary product walkthroughs and live market analysis by our seasoned analysts.

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Hiamovi Clifford the Reannex Founder and Managing Director (born November 15, 1959), is an American business consultant entrepreneur computer programmer and businessman best known as the founder of the Reannex and digital investment company Born in Colorado, he attended University of Salford in the early 1980s and obtain the Degree of bachelor of Science in Computing, a Master Degree in Databases and WEB-Bases System. Clifford is a talented Software Engineer, Website Developer, Database Administrator, Cyber Security and Network Security Analyst with recent research papers and work experience. A self motivated and energetic person who possesses good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively on all levels within an organisation also an active team player and uses own initiative. He have recently retrained in all key technologies business online courses.

Clifford have a master's degree and postgraduate diploma that included both technical, research and management related subjects. He perform a role that suits both a technical and managerial set of skills. Having a mainly technical background however he possess the following competences; Software Engineer, Website Developer, DBA, Cyber Security & Network Security Analyst, Linux Systems Administration, Amazon AWS, QA, SOLID, DI, IoC, OOP, Java, C# ASP.NET MVC 5, PHP 5, Visual Studio 2017, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse ,NetBeans, UML, Agile Scrum, RAD, XP, DbC, Pair Programming, Waterfall, TDD, Unit Testing, OCP Oracle 11g/12c, SQL Server, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML 5, JSON, XML, C++, J2EE, Java Beans, EJB, Python, Perl, VB, C, Ada, Assembly, Concurrent Programming, CMS, Mercurial, TFS, Zend, Neural Networks, Knowledge Based Systems and Agent Based Systems, Artificial Intelligence


Clifford is married to Irene, who was a journalist She is an editor in women magazine. They have two kids Clara and Andre Clifford has a keen interest in film making in early age , He is a keen photographer with a strong interest in He loves golfing and also enjoys playing puzzles game


Clifford is an advocate of the study of humanities as he believes it can help address various problems in the world that arise due to interdependency. He is the founder of project Reannex Foundation which aims to provide primary education to underprivileged kids in rural areas of mid-America . Currently , the project has supported 150,000 underprivileged kids Clifford the chairman for Reannex Foundation, In August 2017 donated $10 millions for flood victims of Houston Texas.


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We’re growing fast, and we’re not planning to slow down, Our team of expertise will help you build a passive income based on their team and strategic efforts.

Alexander Haven

Managing Partner

He brings a wealth of experience to your knowledge. He has won numerous award including the Best entrepreneur and Investors Choice Award. Alexander Haven is currently the President & CEO of Reannex Investments, Chief Executive Partner (Representative Director) and Outside Chief Marketing Advisor of the Company

Rose Jaquline

Financial Advisor

Rose works in a team of 7 individuals and covers all customer accounts in the UK and Ireland. She is overseeing between 200 and 300 accounts in her current role situated within the the UK and Ireland

Sharlok Homes

Chef Executive Officer

Sharlok Homes is 42 years old, an active father of two still plays team sports of Hockey. He Masters in Sciences , Executive MBA with 15years of experience in enterprise leadership roles Visionary Decisive Egotistical and well regarded within the company for his role in Technical decision making. Leads team that evaluates financial options Creating enterprise-wide change, shifting perceptions of technology from utilitarian to strategic Identifying most promising technology